Transcriptions and translations of the GMN 3227a

The so called Döbringer Manuscript is transcribed and translated by enthusiasts all over the world. So there seems no need to for a new transcription and translation. But I felt not that way. The reason is easily explained: a transcription and a translation is always a work of interpretation. Presenting another one is sharing a new point of view to the same piece of art. Even if my English is flawed in spelling and grammar it may give you a hint or two what the origin is like.
I want to present some of the works I found on the web, so you are able to compare them to my version.

  • Transcription by Dierk Hagedorn
    The transcription is one of the best in the web and passed several versions of rework. Sadly for the unexperienced readers he did not resolve the abbreviations and did not translate the Latin words.
  • Transcription and English translation by David Lindholm and friends
    A good transcription and acceptable translation. By trying to make the thing more readable the translation is flavoured with the ARMA interpretions.

10 thoughts on “Transcriptions and translations of the GMN 3227a

  1. Not abandoned, I completed the translation even if it needs an almost complete overhaul now 😀
    I’ll pull myself out of this overly long hiatus and start putting everything online, then will start getting a better version through. Thanks for the citation 😉

  2. Knightly Dueling, by Jeff Hull, also has translations of sections of Doebringer (the Roszfechten and Kampffechten, IIRC). And Zabinski went on to translate his transcription of the Bloszfechten in Masters of Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts.

  3. Ok, my project is now officially out of its hiatus, and looks almost alive… Sorry, no offense meant 😀

      1. not that the author himself makes it any easier for me, even after years sometimes making sense out of some of his phrasing is pretty hard.

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