Today Facebook has deleted or disabled my account of Hans Talhoffer as an “Inauthentic account”. It is against the rules of FB to impersonate someone.

  • You must provide your real first name and last name.
  • Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited.

So I knew that this would happen. Facebook is not interested on the data of nonexisting persons. It is interested to sell the data of real persons.  Like Google+ is too. So I expect to see my Google+ account deleted someday too.
This is not as bad as it seems. Life is out there, not in the virtual community.  

But will that stop my activities, my researches and my creative work. It will not. I did most of the work for fun, and because I wanted to do that anyway. I am doing researches to become a better fighter, for understanding the context and the art of fighting in the last blinks of the Middle Ages. I am doing the writing of articles for reflecting what I have learned. I started to do translations to exercise my English because I have to get better in that. I need it for my job. And I have a great amount of fun in creating humorous articles and pictures.

Sure, I love to hear that what I do is not that bad. And I saw a lot of friendly words in FB motivating me to continue. Who would not like to be “liked”. But I have no illusion about the “volatility” of that kind of friendship. And I am not addicted to that. The roots of my confidence do not depend on virtual friendship of that kind that FB offers. That entirely depends on doing things right in the real world.

So FB has kicked me. But it does not hurt me. I will keep up blogging here. If you are interested in my writings come visit this blog or my HansThalhoffer tweets or see my comments at Google+ account.