This was a funny event I did with my Hans Talhoffer FB account in July 2011.  I was just bored a bit at my bicycle ride to the office and this idea came to my mind. I created the following text and invited 1100 people to this event. It took only 4 hours until more than 200 committed themselves for the fun. At the same time the number of invited people doubled while members of the event inviting others to join in. Sadly this was interrupted by facebook administration who deleted my account. But this did not stop it completely.

PLANKING is out. OWLING is for chickens. TALHOFFERING is the upcoming art of showing yourself in places and postures you do not want to be known for in an interview for a job or similar occasions.

Who wanna play a Lying down game or sit on a fence like a chicken with diarrhea? You can do more, you are better than that, you are worth doing TALHOFFERING.

The stakes are high, let us see if your spirits are brave, that you are real men, real women, and real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. And here comes the challenge:

Pick an image of one of Hans Talhoffer’s books, the Thott or the Munich, and imitate the scene as good as you can without harming, hurting, or killing somebody including yourself (that would exclude you from the game instantly). But this is only the easy part. You must find strange and unfitting places to do so. TALHOFFERING in the gym is wimpy. Find places where you would at least expect somebody training Historical Martial Arts. And do it proudly. But be aware that displaying weapons may offend overacting security guards equipped with handguns.

Create Videos, Images of your TALHOFFERING and display it in the internet at Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Google+, wherever you want. And tell me about it, by linking it here yourself, at my FB wall, or in the Dead Masters Fan Group or send me a mail with the title TALHOFFERING at hans.thalhoffer@googlemail​.com.

And here you find the images of Hans Talhoffer’s books:
Thott http://wiktenauer.com/wiki​/Talhoffer_Fechtbuch_(Thot​t_290_2%C2%BA)
Munich http://wiktenauer.com/wiki​/Talhoffer_Fechtbuch_(Cod.​icon.394a)

If there will be more than 30 images or videos, they will be collected and presented in a separate website with links to the ones that created it (if they want to). So you give me the right to copy it to another webpage by participating. You can revoke that right anytime you want. The TALHOFFERING competition ends on the last day of 2011.

And what’s in for yourself? Nothing more or less than in that bullshit called planking or owling. It’s attention you will get. There are more than 1100 people invited here and it’s a public event. Depending on your support this will spread very very wide or just flops. It’s up to you. It’s your chance. Of cause this needs the ability to laugh about yourself and show some humor. And sure there are folks out there who wink with an eye only if they got some dirt in it. Do not be afraid of them. For yourself it’s fun

For HEMA groups and schools this is cheap marketing. For HEMA this may get the attention of some people to our sport. As long as you make a clear statement that TALHOFFERING is a satire, a parody and a marketing gag, everything works fine.

Spread the news, link this event in bulletin board, webpages, forums, everywhere. The more people know about it the better this works.

So who is brave enough to be the first one in TALHOFFERING?
Klick here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Talhoffering/232324910139797