1595 Meister Lorenz Römer, Freifechter

Master Lorenz Römer was already an old man, when he came to settle down. He was a Freyfechter and entitled to hold Fechtschule – the fencing school and tournament. Next to his duty as a fencing master he was catching birds and selling them. He was remembered in a poem written at his death by Bartholomäus Ringwaldt, pastor of Langenfeld, Brandenburg-Prussia (oday Długoszyn near Sulęcin, Poland).

The poem, together with many others, went into print at Franfurt (on the river Oder) in 1595 in the book “Epithalamium, Vom Zustande eines Betrübten Widtwers”.


Herr Lorenz Römer helt sich wol
In allen seinen dingen
Ist ein Freyfechter Ehren voll
Der noch kan dapffer springen
Er helt die Schul wenn mans begert
Geht wol mit ein zusammen
Vnd ist zur sachen vnbeschwerd
Krigt selten eine schrammen
Im haus er gute ordnung helt
Beschafft mit fleis das seine
Im Herbste aber Vogel stelt
Vnd fengt sie gros vnd kleine
Vnd zwar sie seind nicht vngesund
Man kan sich wol mit laben
Vnd vnter andern diesen grund
In jhrer Wirckung haben
Sie heiffen einem alten fort
Vnd thun jhn also stercken
Das er sich kan an seinem ort
Was besser lan vormercken
Davon nicht noth zuschreiben mehr
Man hats doch wol vernommen
Der Fechter hab gros danck vnd Ehr
Das er ist zu vns kommen


Master Lorenz Römer keeps himself
well in all his things.
Is a Free Fencer honourable,
who can still jump bravely.
He holds the school if one desires it.
Goes well together with anyone.
And he is light-hearted on the matter,
seldom gets a scratch.

In the house he keeps good order,
procures with diligence his own.

But in autumn he stalks birds
and catches them big and small.
One can probably refresh oneself with it.
And for the reason that they have their effect.
They help an old man away and thus strengthen him.
That he gets a better income at his place.

Not to write more about it, one has heard it well.
The fencer has great thanks and honour that he has come to us.

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