Interpretation in Historical Martial Arts

The former school visitor knows the interpretation under the term "What does the artist want to say to me? No text, no picture is created thoughtless and without intention. In the scientific treatise "Visualised motion: iconography of medieval and renaissance fencing books" the author of these lines briefly writes about the interpretation of images in … Continue reading Interpretation in Historical Martial Arts

Reconstruction of Historical Martial Arts

"Reconstruction is the process of creating or recreating something more or less non-existent or unknown,” as German Wikipedia defines it. In the reconstruction of an old text or image, we fill in gaps left intentionally or unintentionally by the author. In Historical Martial Arts these are movements that we recognize as necessary in order to … Continue reading Reconstruction of Historical Martial Arts

The meaning of sport and martial arts in a 14th century poem

The discussion about the meaning of the sporting competition for fame with medals and titles in martial arts is neither new nor completely dissolvable. We want to treat ourselves to the fun of reading the historical state of discussion from the early 15th century on the basis of the song poem "Kloster der Minne" from … Continue reading The meaning of sport and martial arts in a 14th century poem

The true meaning of “Vorschlag” and “Nachschlag”

The understanding of the terms "Vorschlag" and "Nachschlag" in the teaching of Johannes Liechtenauer is widely based on the interpretations done in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The early reception of the texts had been flavored by the modern understanding of 16th century fightbooks like those of Joachim Meyer. While Joachim Meyer himself never … Continue reading The true meaning of “Vorschlag” and “Nachschlag”