The Tafur: the Man-Eaters and their Famous Shield

Little is known about a shield that appeared in the 11th century and disappeared in the 14th century. The shield was called "talevaces" (English), "taneva s, talevart, tolfaces" (French), or "talebart" (Spanish). There are very few sources mentioning the shield but they are geographically largely distributed for such a an item. The first mentioning of shields of this term is found along the chronicles of the crusades, and the research does not really start, when a gruesome group pops up: the Tafurs.

The Buckler in the Chronicle of Prussia

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 367, Nikolaus <von Jeroschin>, 1415 The "Chronicle of Prussia" is a translation of the "Chronica terrae Prussiae" of Peter von Dusburg into 27,738 rhyming couplet verses in East Central German, written in 1331/41. This chronicle of particularly high source value for the years 1311-1331. Around verses 2270 he starts to … Continue reading The Buckler in the Chronicle of Prussia