1561 Onophrius Sockh, a Marxbruder and veteran of war of Vienna


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Heinrich Wirrich 1571Onoferus Sockh was the owner of a house in the Krämergässchen in Vienna in 15644, later owned by Adam Forberg. And he was a member of a well-known fencing guild as we can see from his coat of arms. This coat of arms is to find in 1561 and in 1571 in the List of the captains of the Vienna burgers at the wedding of Maria von Bayern with Carl von Steiermark.

Heinrich Wirrich 1571He took part in the game of weapons, below the Vienna castle. They had bad weather conditions but made the best of it. But they looked great in their brand new harnesses still to see in the Wiener Bürgerliches Zeughaus - Wien Museum.

Onoferus Sockh recieved is letter of arms in Prague (probably by Ferdinand I) at the 2nd November 1561. His merits had been more than 30 years  of service in at least two wars, against the followers of the Luther’s Reformation since 1525 against the troops of Michael Gaismair, and the army of the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Sultan Süleyman starting in 1529. After at least ten years of wars Onosferus took his place in the veteran guard of the Trabanten, a personal unit to Ferdinand I.

What happened to Sockh after 1571 is unknown to us.

Interesting to note is, that Sockh and other Vienna Marxbrüder were not enlisted in the Frankfurt Marxbrüder list. There seems to be a strong relationship to Prague, another office of the Marxbrüder.

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