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langes messerIn this list the reader may find an overview of selected workshops held at national and international events. This list does not cover all the workshops, in fact it only holds very few of the lot. The list is limited to what I found remarkable because of the content. You will probably miss the workshop you participated in. Do not think I did not like to be there. I enjoy every one but I can’t list them all.

Fighting with the long knife

A full weekend workshop on the Langes Messer in Frankfurt 2010

Fighting with the single edged weapon Langes Messer needs a basic understanding of the principles of such fight. This workshop of 2010 was created to bring in a new understanding of those principles and question some of the common interpretations of that time. The interpretation presented in this workshop is now understood as the state of the art interpretation with some minor changes due better understanding of the underlying sources today.

Workshop handout in German: Zufechten-mit-dem-Langen-Messer-2010

Introduction into the Long Knife

Full weekend workshop, Berlin 2013

The “Langes Messer” was used as the solely training weapon for single handed fighting in the 14th and 15th century. To understand and use this weapon we must have a deep look into the fencing book of Hans Lecküchner. This workshop was designed to get an understanding of this weapon. It will help to start regular classes on this weapon and a good interpretation of the sources.

The workshop handout was partly transcribed in articles: An introduction to the Long Knife, “Langes Messer” and How to hold a Long Knife – “Langes Messer”

15th century javelin and shield

Workshop on the one handed spear and shield (small pavese) at HEMAC Djon 2013, and Mitsommerfechten Krefeld 2013

The workshop will teach the differences between lance, spear, and javelin in guards and usage. Fencing with the javelin and the shield will be demonstrated and trained in depth in partner and solo drills. Furthermore there will be the chance to test the new knowledge in the application of fight groups and lines.

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