Hans Talhoffer’s life

Hans Talhoffer (Dalhover, Talhouer, Thalhoffer, Talhofer) was a fencing master, a adviser at court in regard of judicial duels, a instructor for knightly duels and tournaments, and a consultant regarding martial arts and the arts of war. He was born between 1410-1415 and lived at least until 1482 (latest mention of his name is 1489 in Munich Bavaria).

He produced at least five surviving manuals to the arts of fencing and warfare which were copied several times.

Talhoffer was a well educated man, who took interest in astrology, mathematics, onomastics, and the auctoritas and the ratio. He was ranked highly by his customers who paid a fortune to produce the manuals.

From 1431 up to 1434 he is in the service of Nürnberg under the order of the knight Eberhard Haller.

In 1433 Talhoffer served the prince-archbishop of Salzbourg Johann II. of Reisberg at the Vehmic court (a criminal court inflicting bodily punishment, including the death penalty).
See blog 1433 Archbishop Johann II. von Reisberg

During or better because of it his duty for the merchants of Nürnberg  Hans Talhoffer was arrested and questioned on the demands of Wilhelm von Villach (Villenbach), a footman to the Duke III. Albrecht in Bavaria, a Wittelsbacher. Villach is a small village in the princedom of the prince-archbishop of Salzbourg. So it was in the Jurisdiction of the very prince-archbishop Talhoffer had serviced.
See blog 1434 The case of Wilhelm of Villach1435 Jörg Frauenberger the torturer

From 1437 up to 1467 Talhoffer holds the title of the Kastner of the Hohenburg in the service of the bishops of Regensburg.
See blog: 1437-1467 Kastner at the Hohenburg

From 1467 he took the service of duke of Württemberg Eberhard im Barte and created a fightbook for him.


Date Place Source / Blog Post Probability that this is Hans Talhoffer
15th April 1433 Salzburg Hof- und Staatsarchiv, Vienna, SbgE, AUR 1433 IV 15

Blog Entry

before March 1434 Nuremberg Blog Entry 90%
March 1434 Salzburg StArchiv-N, Rep. 2 b Rst. Nürnberg, Losungsamt, 7-farbiges Alphabet, Urkunden Nr. 873n ( Braun M Nr. 7)Blog Entry 90%
1st September 1434 Vienna StArchiv-N, Rep. 2 b Rst. Nürnberg, Losungsamt, 7-farbiges Alphabet, Urkunden Nr. 898 (Braun M Nr. 9)

Blog Entry

4th February 1435 Hals, Passau StArchiv-N, Rep. 2 b Rst. Nürnberg, Losungsamt, 7-farbiges Alphabet, Urkunden Nr. 928

Blog Entry

4th-12th February 1435 Vienna StArchiv-N, Rep. 2 b Rst. Nürnberg, Losungsamt, 7-farbiges Alphabet, Urkunden Nr. 928 + 930

Blog Entry

5th May 1437 Hohenburg Amberg, Staatsarchiv, Edition: MB 24, S. 199 – 201., advertised in a document of 1498 V 28 (= Urkunde 526). 1437 VII 4 lfd Nr. 329

Blog Entry

11th December 1444  Hohenburg  Hochstift Regensburg, Schubl. 3 No. 21 fol. 64v, former GU Hohenburg 357.

Blog Entry

1454 Zurich Dr. Hans-Peter Hils, Hils, Staatsarchiv Zurich, Rats- und Richtebücher, StaZ

Blog Entry

 24th February 1467  Hohenburg    Hochstift Regensburg, 45ter (33ter gestr.) Schubladen Markt Hohenburg No 9 (auf alter blauer Urkundentasche), Hohenburg Herrsch Fasz 25 (auf alter blauer Urkundentasche).

Blog Entry

1467 Urach Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A 602 Nr 286 = WR 286Württembergische Regesten / 1301-1500, Hausarchiv, Eberhard V. (als Herzog I.), 1467-1469 (1467-1469)

Blog Entry


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