1436 Epitaph of Jörg Frauenberger

This is the epitaph of Jörg[Georg] Frauenberger of Haag at Hohenburg, the torturer of Jacob Auer (see blog post: 1434 Hans Talhoffer and case of Wilhelm of Villenbach).

Jörg Frauenberger the elder is reported dead in 1436. In 1435 he sieged and conquered the famous cave-castle Stein in Stein a.d.Traun in a feud.

This epitaph is in the cloister church of Gars. The life of Jörg Frauenberger was very violently perhaps that was the reason he gave so much money to build cloisters and churches. In 1412 he gave money to to found the cloister Ramsau near Haag.

Jörg Frauenberger served the Archdiocese of Salzburg. Archbishop Eberhard payed him 500 Gulden gold at the 26th July 1430 (see AT-HHStA SbgE AUR 1430 VII 26) for serving him with his castle Hohenburg.

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